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P1BugJDK-8110191[Performance] Visible Glass stage/scene consumes 130 % of CPU cycles in overhead processing the rendering event loopMorris MeyerClosed
P1BugJDK-8113046Mac: StackOverflowError on ES2 pipeline with LCD text changesJoe AndresenClosed
P1BugJDK-8113491Swing embedded webview crashesSergey MalenkovClosed
P1BugJDK-8114147Unable to launch any JNLP applicationsThomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8114198nls: javafx2.0 b35, multi-byte text on UI Controls causes NullPointerException.Philip RaceResolved
P1BugJDK-8114272Applets fail to displayKevin RushforthClosed
P1BugJDK-8114489SecurityException when running webstart apps if console is not shownKevin RushforthClosed
P1BugJDK-8114538NPE in HelloPopup Kevin RushforthClosed
P1BugJDK-8114557javaws apps fail to run with NullPointerExceptionThomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8118715Installer does not copy required files to Windows System32 folder (javacpl.cpl, javaws.exe) and no errors are reportedAudrey LinClosed
P1BugJDK-8119583Need to include README files in runtime installerKevin RushforthClosed
P1BugJDK-8119607GA DataApp can't be run from sources in provided bundle (can't find ../build-tasks.xml)Jasper PottsClosed
P1BugJDK-8120595Unsigned JNLP Application is able to open local file by Application.getHostServices().showdocument()Thomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8128752Copyright headers in some media files were mistakenly updatedKevin RushforthResolved
P1BugJDK-8128835Samples Projects need to use JavaFX 2 Netbeans pluginJasper PottsClosed
P1BugJDK-8128965Security excption while running Brickbreaker in applet modeKevin RushforthClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8098881Support 3D perspective transforms for existing 2D JavaFX objectsChien YangResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8098894Add stroke positioning (Inside,Outside,Centered)Jim GrahamResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8098906Need to specify event delivery and possibly allow more flexibilityĽubomír NerádResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099213add callback function variables to controls for state change notificationWillie WalkerResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099367Prism/Glass: fullscreen supportAnthony PetrovResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099419Add Z depth sorting (Z-buffering) to JavaFXKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099513Application life-cyle model and implementationKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099541Improve progressive download to seek beyond buffered data.Kirill KirichenkoClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8099569Need to support Windows 64-bit as a platform using 64-bit JREKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099763JavaFX Class Library Specification RequiredKumar SrinivasanResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099880Resolve grouping semantic for opacity or effects with 3D transformsChien YangResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099881Implement 3D boundsChien YangResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099882Finish implementation for perspecitive and parallel camera classesJoe AndresenResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099883PerspectiveCamera.fieldOfView doesn't workJoe AndresenClosed
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099884Resolve clipping semantic with 3D transformsChien YangResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099885Prism and 3D: gradient support for perspective rendering Joe AndresenResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8099886Prism (es2 or d3d): Visually noticeable rendering techniques are used when shape switched from 2D to 3D transformation matrix.Chien YangClosed
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100297Create an Application class and a mechanism for launching standalone programsKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100298Load native libraries from same directory as jfxrt.jar if not in java.library.pathKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100299Move most packages from javafx-common module to javafx-ui-commonKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100300JavaFX User Thread exits prematurelyKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100301javafx.runtime.Platform should be folded into javafx.application.Platform (and remove javafx.runtime package)Kevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100308Remove the javafx.lang packageKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100309Application start method should take the primary Stage as an argumentKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100310Remove the obsolete start() method and make start(Stage) abstractKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100313Resolve application threading modelKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100315Move the launch method to the Application class and deprecate the Launcher classKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100338Need to add support for building 64-bit libraries on a Windows 64-bit systemKevin RushforthResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100339Prism native code needs to be 64 bit cleanKirill.PrazdnikovResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100340Decora needs to be 64 bit cleanJim GrahamResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100341Runtime build needs to produce 64-bit native librariesArtem AnanievResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100342Glass build needs to produce 64-bit native librariesArtem AnanievResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100343Glass native code needs to be 64 bit cleanArtem AnanievResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100344Media native code needs to be 64 bit cleanAlexander MatveevClosed
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100345Media build needs to produce 64-bit native librariesAlexander MatveevClosed
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100346Need to be able to deploy 64-bit JavaFX libraries on windows-x64 platformsThomas NgResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100348Webnode build needs to produce 64-bit native librariesPeter ZhelezniakovResolved
P2Sub-taskJDK-8100472Need to separate newt build out from the prism-jogl project Chien YangResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100602Need to remove existing Alert classKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100619Need to remove API docs from SDKKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100709Need to remove samples from SDKKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100712Finalize the javafx.application.Preloader APIKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100727Java(FX) to Javascript support needs to be provided for fx appletsKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100751Support preloader for standalone applicationsKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100753Need README file in rt/bin specifying that MP3 codec is not redistributableKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100787Need to Optimize Gradient texture performance.Joe AndresenClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8100838Consider moving the depthBuffer flag from Window to SceneChien YangResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8100934tRNS transparency not supported for PNG imagesKirill.PrazdnikovResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101026Consider possibility to reduce TableView/TableColumn footprint, currently it is up to 1MbJonathan GilesClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101041Change milestone from beta to fcs for presidioHang VoResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101052Swing interop: app should not need to explicitly initialize the FX runtimeKevin RushforthResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101139DnD needs better TransferMode handlingAnthony PetrovClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101153Slow responsiveness of groups with large number of "modifiable items"Joe AndresenClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101167ColorAdjust.contrast uses odd range and origoJim GrahamResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101179Window: visible and scene properties should be read-only with a set method so they can't be boundRichard BairResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101210Provide API in Text class to get insertion point given a row index and x-coordinateThor JohannessonResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101341Reorganize Property hierarchyMichael HeinrichsResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101346Need to remove samples from sdk installerJennifer ZuoClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101362Move builders from to the same package as the built objectRichard BairResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101458TableView perf when scrolling up and downJonathan GilesClosed
P2TaskJDK-8103780Remove SortableList and FilterableListMartin SládečekResolved
P2BugJDK-8106719NullPointerException when filter effect needs an image that is too largeJim GrahamClosed
P2BugJDK-8107699ImageView.smooth does not workKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8108019Clicks don't work if text or button is added to a 3d sceneChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8108047AppletStageExtension - When defaultclose is overriden after closing Applet is not restored.Tony WyantResolved
P2BugJDK-8108101PRISM: Dragging an undecorated stage works incorrectly, stage being dragged even when moving the mouse.Dmitri TrembovetskiClosed
P2BugJDK-8108156Rotated images don't maintain smoothingJim GrahamResolved
P2BugJDK-8108195Switching between the single and multiline textbox , text inside the textbox is not seen in multiline modeUnassignedClosed
P2BugJDK-8108488Clicks don't work in 3D if blocksMouse set to trueChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8108599MediaView.smooth does not workKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8108818styleClass on node does not support multi valueDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8108832FX applets have major memory leakIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8108997Setting max:50000.0 in Slider causes OutOfMemoryError.Parvathi SomashekarResolved
P2BugJDK-8109112Slider.min overrides value from bind-with-inverseStuart MarksResolved
P2BugJDK-8109406java.lang.NullPointerException in com.sun.scenario.scenegraph.NodeEffectInput.filter( GrahamClosed
P2BugJDK-8109654A new node added to an empty Group that previously had its children removed isn't always displayedPavel ŠafrataClosed
P2BugJDK-8110444Changing the CSS style sheet at runtime is causing an OOME.David GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8110490ImageCursor throws IndexOutOfBoundsException when image is picked up from placeholderĽubomír NerádClosed returns wrong value. The same issue with le(), gt() and lt().Richard BairResolved
P2BugJDK-8110720Green couple pixel bar at top of playing mediaDavid DehavenClosed
P2BugJDK-8110761Crash of the Ensemble.jar (other samples work fine)Kevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8111036Alert isn't shown in WindowsKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8111188FX App thread must not run in parallel with QuantumRendererMorris MeyerClosed
P2BugJDK-8111191Slider/ScrollBar stop to react on mouse clicks to track areaAnthony PetrovClosed
P2BugJDK-8111196Ensemble app fails to run with UnsupportedOperationException on sun.prism.paintKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8111287playFromStart() doesn't play from startMichael HeinrichsResolved
P2BugJDK-8111756Effects applied on a Text will cut off the parts outside of the text boundsThor JohannessonClosed
P2BugJDK-8111951Windows 32bit and 64bit version of SDK does not work togetherKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8112082Memory leak with GUIMark2.Vector testPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8112251HEAD request before GET in Media(url) causes problems with some CDNBrian BurkhalterClosed
P2BugJDK-8112350Intermittent ConcurrentModificationException running some appsMorris MeyerClosed
P2BugJDK-8112372Javascript to Java(FX) support needs to be provided for fx appletsIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8112761JSObject.setSlot method malfunctions and can cause JVM crash in msvcr100.dllPer BothnerClosed
P2BugJDK-8112827LCD text rendering breaks JFXPanel w/ embedded WebView completelyJoe AndresenClosed
P2BugJDK-8112854Ensemble: description column not initially rendered properlyMick FlemingClosed
P2BugJDK-8112906Ensemble is missing the left hand panel and has serious rendering artifacts in the thumbnailsJoe AndresenClosed
P2BugJDK-811291434% (13 fps) regression in Guimark2.Bitmap caused by javafx.scene.Scene.doCSSPass() Mick FlemingClosed
P2BugJDK-8112946Javadocs are not generated for javafx.beans.bindingMichael HeinrichsClosed
P2BugJDK-8112968Regression in RepeatTestAlexander MatveevClosed
P2BugJDK-8112977PieChart: IllegalArgumentException running j2dJim GrahamClosed
P2BugJDK-811302447% (8.8) JS_FPS regression WebNode.Guimark2-Vector in build 2211Alexey UtkinClosed
P2BugJDK-8113035Bad font strike look up causing problems in SpiralTextPhilip RaceClosed
P2BugJDK-8113058Run out of heap space running ensemble sampleDebra MasadaResolved
P2BugJDK-8113075Mac: UnsatisfiedLinkError: com.sun.webpane.platform.WebPage.twkGetTextZoomFactor in BindingTestPeter ZhelezniakovResolved
P2BugJDK-8113077AudioClip crashes the JVMDavid DehavenClosed
P2BugJDK-8113110Stage.getY() returns wrong coordinates under MacAnthony PetrovClosed
P2BugJDK-8113164REGRESSION: File Protocol TimeoutsAlexander MatveevClosed
P2BugJDK-8113171Application exceptions should be thrown to the caller of the launch methodKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8113229Need to blacklist older Intel HD and 4 Series drivers to avoid Prism rendering artifactsChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8113243JSObject.setMember method causes a JVM crash in ~BufferBlob::jni_fast_GetLongField with null as the second argumentPer BothnerClosed
P2BugJDK-8113255Netbeans: JavaFX project run fails with 64-bit JDKPetr SomolResolved
P2BugJDK-811332032 bit and 64 bit JavaFX can not coexist William HarnoisClosed
P2BugJDK-8113365repaint problem with dirtyopts enabledTomáš BrandalíkClosed
P2BugJDK-8113442Group's blendmode property potentially conflicts in both name and behavior with a planned node blending modeJasper PottsClosed
P2BugJDK-8113458Scene.lookup needs to be updated to match Node.lookupEva KrejčířováClosed method can cause JVM crash in msvcr100.dllPer BothnerClosed
P2BugJDK-8113495Improve debug/profiling support for JavaFX applicationsHenry JenResolved
P2BugJDK-8113544WebNode.Guimark2-Bitmap benchmark hangs with both hw and sw pipelinesKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P2BugJDK-8113569".scene" styleclass should be ".root"David GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8113613GUIMark2.Vector WebNode test in sw(j2d) mode throws IllegalStateExceptionKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8113621REGRESSION: D3D stops rendering after screen lock on WindowsJoe AndresenClosed
P2BugJDK-8113661A ScrollPane with VBox of labels is brokenAnne FowlerClosed
P2BugJDK-8113677Ensemble 3D demo: ClassCastException in dirty region accumulationMartin SládečekClosed
P2BugJDK-8113680Reduce the number of existing constructors in the Scene class by eliminating "Paint" from all constructorsRichard BairClosed
P2BugJDK-8113687MediaSystemTest benchmarks throws "IllegalStateException: The view has already been closed" with j2d pipelineKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8113690Window size for security and error dialogs is wrongArtem AnanievClosed
P2BugJDK-8113699Region: background with repeat-x or repeat-y crosses boundsJoe AndresenClosed
P2BugJDK-8113706Mac OS: Invalid Memory Access when quitting a JavaFX application Gerard ZiemskiClosed
P2BugJDK-8113783Need to revert unintended changes to Toolkit files that were made as part of SGMX integrationMartin ŠochClosed
P2BugJDK-8113786Intermittent hang in javafx.scene.web.LeakTestPeter ZhelezniakovResolved
P2BugJDK-8113805HTMLEditor: line breaks can not be removedPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8113831New Node's blendmode property results in huge performance regressions in b2397Jim GrahamClosed
P2BugJDK-8113836when launching standalone fx app, in some cases, it doesn't search classes in classpath which is passed in command lineKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8113843dead lock when an transition from event listenerMichael HeinrichsClosed
P2BugJDK-8113872Up to 100% memory usage grow in MediaSystemTests in b36David DehavenClosed
P2BugJDK-8113877SwingJavaFXChart: changes to data values not reflected in chartArtem AnanievClosed
P2BugJDK-81138833D programs rendering is broken on WindowsJim GrahamResolved
P2BugJDK-8113893HTMLEditor: text unexpectedly becomes selectedVasiliy BaranovClosed
P2BugJDK-8113925UE: default preloader should not fade out in webstart modeLeif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8113933MemoryLeak in TreeView$TreeViewBitSetSelectionModel.selectedIndicesSeqJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8113946FXML design means you can't load an FXML file if its controller class is unavailableGreg BrownClosed
P2BugJDK-8113959ES2 swapchain needs to enable render to texture (stable back buffer) Joe AndresenResolved
P2BugJDK-8113960GA Ensemble search box NPEJasper PottsClosed
P2BugJDK-8113980DT- JavaFX Setup Error deleting file- error code 5Audrey LinClosed
P2BugJDK-8113990RT-15079 fix broke WebNode Vasiliy BaranovClosed
P2BugJDK-8114004REGRESSION: TabPane does not show Tab added after stage is visibleJonathan GilesResolved
P2BugJDK-8114006User account control dialog shows "Unknown" publisher for JavaFX installersJennifer ZuoResolved
P2BugJDK-8114009Java Webstart application fails to exit when last window is closed or Platform.exit is calledKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8114024Liveconnect: calling window.alert() from FX thread lead to deadlockHenry JenClosed
P2BugJDK-8114026can not create shortcut after installing fx b38Thomas NgClosed
P2BugJDK-8114040Controls backgrounds are no longer aligned (Regression)Jim GrahamClosed
P2BugJDK-8114042MenuBar: RTE on adding item Parvathi SomashekarClosed
P2BugJDK-8114053TableView: memory leaksJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8114068Need to add Oracle copyright to cssref.html file which is included with API docsKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8114070Closing the last window then immediately opening another one should not cause application exitKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8114088Installer must not fail silentlyJennifer ZuoResolved
P2BugJDK-8114091TableView: select all issueJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8114092Runtime installer delivers doc filesWilliam HarnoisResolved
P2BugJDK-8114096HTMLEditor: text selection modifies font attributesKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8114102Corrupted media does not produce exceptionMarc OwerfeldtClosed
P2BugJDK-8114103Styleable font properties like -fx-tick-label-font don't parse correctly.David GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8114105Ensemble Chart throws ClassCastException after selecting Graphics 3d Thor JohannessonClosed
P2BugJDK-8114117Properties without a public setter must be read only propertiesEva KrejčířováClosed
P2BugJDK-8114125dirtyopts bug in calculating bounds for rotated scaled circleMartin SládečekClosed
P2BugJDK-8114129HelloMedia stops repainting new media frames when you click the mouse in the windowDavid DehavenClosed
P2BugJDK-8114139Sorting table columns in HelloTableView's 'Sort & Filter' tab doesn't work properlyJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8114146EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) javafx-font.dllPhilip RaceClosed
P2BugJDK-8114169FilteredList doesn't filter correctlyMartin SládečekResolved
P2BugJDK-8114174ChartsSampler does not render in x64 environmentMartin SládečekClosed
P2BugJDK-8114178Remove property useSelectedItem from SplitMenuButtonLeif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8114182Readonly properties in Animation API do not return correct typeMichael HeinrichsClosed
P2BugJDK-8114192Full screen should not ignore all the mentioned events inside UE specsChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8114205TreeView: missed scroll thumbJonathan GilesResolved
P2BugJDK-8114213Region: border image with repeat-x or repeat-y doesn't work properlyJoe AndresenClosed
P2BugJDK-8114215Need FileInUse dialog for files copied to system foldersPaul KlingamanResolved
P2BugJDK-8114221Mac: Cannot draw circles: Draw_Circle ExceptionJim GrahamClosed
P2BugJDK-8114226SRC_IN and SRC_OUT should be deleted from the public APIJasper PottsClosed
P2BugJDK-8114276Memory leak in PaintRunnable: root.removed is not clearedMartin SládečekClosed
P2BugJDK-8114281ListView: NPE on items list modificationJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8114284old jre: Java security warning posts a controversy message Andy HerrickClosed
P2BugJDK-8114312Region: image border with repeat-x or repeat-y crosses bounds of controlJoe AndresenClosed
P2BugJDK-8114322Height and width parameters parsed incorrectlyJan ValentaClosed
P2BugJDK-8114333Region: css "-fx-background-size" with percents doesn't work properly with background imagesChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8114348Ensemble does not render correctly with Prism-J2D pipeline if dirtyopts are enabledMartin SládečekClosed
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