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P1BugJDK-8114970Ensemble causes deadlock in browser or JNLP execution modeParvathi SomashekarClosed
P1BugJDK-8128071Updating selected text in textfield throws exceptionKevin RushforthClosed
P1BugJDK-8128443Standalone launcher fails to find JavaFX 2.0.1 (or 2.0.2) runtimeThomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8128669SDK must always install the matching runtime versionJennifer ZuoClosed
P1BugJDK-8128724FXCanvas: incorrect KeyPressed/KeyReleased events is receivedSteve NorthoverClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8100692Should be able to play media if at least one track is in a supported encodingBrian BurkhalterClosed
P2BugJDK-8114368File open/save dialog doesn't show, when using FileOpenService and FileSaveServiceHenry JenClosed
P2BugJDK-8114916MenuButton: Menu selection issueLeif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8115032Need to backout RT-16870 for JavaFX 2.0.2Jennifer ZuoClosed
P2BugJDK-8116089NPE at com.sun.javafx.css.StyleHelper$StyleCacheKey.access$400( GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8117403FXInstaller_zh_CN.rc is garbled.William HarnoisResolved fails with IllegalArgumentException: Children: duplicate children starting from controls-scrum build #44Parvathi SomashekarClosed
P2BugJDK-8117821Media: frequent CME's when metadata is processed and updatedDavid DehavenClosed
P2BugJDK-8118084FXML login demo in respin is unsigned thus it fails to launch in jnlp/plugin modeDebra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8119384Fix for RT-15120 broke unit testsPavel ŠafrataClosed
P2BugJDK-8119587StyleManager stylesheet handling doesn't make CSS to be applied.David GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8119841Uncomplete linear-gradient CSS rule creates infinite loop at load time.David GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8119848b08 respin 2: BrickBreaker plugin size is wrongDebra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8119879Scene Builder's Preview window does not refresh correctlyKirill.PrazdnikovResolved
P2BugJDK-8120254Thread ContextClassLoader is null in Application.start() for MacKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8120557Need way to detect version of ant tasks from inside the antIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128060ant/packager: no way to pass unnamed parametersIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128156ClassNotFoundException when instantiating a custom Control in certain circumstancesJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-81281852.0.2 install bundles are not signedIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128202FXML login demo with CSS converted to BSS fails to launch in jnlp/plugin modeDebra MasadaResolved are not garbage collectedAnthony PetrovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128248Change milestone from beta to fcs for 2.0.2Hang VoClosed
P2BugJDK-8128303runtime and sdk installers display Unknown Publisher for JavaFX 2.0.2Igor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128327Support for MP3 audio and FLV video is not available in JavaFX 2.0Brian BurkhalterClosed
P2BugJDK-8128341Ensemble Advanced Stock Chart java.lang.IllegalArgumentExceptionParvathi SomashekarClosed
P2BugJDK-8128353Strange characters at the end of third party licence agreementNicolas LorainResolved
P2BugJDK-8128389Native clipboard/dragboard: passing data to native application doesn't work. Pavel ŠafrataClosed
P2BugJDK-8128519Cannot cut/copy/paste TextField on MacAnthony PetrovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128568Dragging Table Coumns throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Children: duplicate childrenJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8128667Ensemble must not use undocumented and unsupported com.sun methodsDebra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8128670Need a way to find location of installed SDKJennifer ZuoClosed
P2BugJDK-8128706DT- JRE7 Auto download issue Henry JenClosed
P2BugJDK-8128734Need to regenerate samples nbproject files after NB 7.1 file format is finalizedDebra MasadaResolved
P2BugJDK-8128828Scene repaint issueDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8128987Autodownload mechanism under javaws/jre7 fails to download fx runtime bits Thomas NgResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8100542Add support for drawing selected text in alternate color to Text classThor JohannessonResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8100563Maven DLL loadingKevin RushforthResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8100585Add a command line option to change the install location for the JavaFX 2.0 runtimeJennifer ZuoClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100823ProgressIndicator indeterminate spinner color hard-codedMick FlemingClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100828License terms forbid redistribution of the JavaFX 2.0 runtime (opposite of Javafx,com FAQ 10)Nicolas LorainResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8100832Implement Lightweight Fx embedding for SWTSteve NorthoverClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100870passing user-specified Icon to fx:deploy ant task not possibleIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101293Allow JavaFX runtime to build with ant 1.8+Chien YangClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101323JavaFX 2.0 SDK should include a generic example on how to use WebView inside JFXPanelAlexander ZvegintsevResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8101358Remove obsolete src.fx directories and other .fx files from the forestKevin RushforthClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101392Introduce a separate scroll eventPavel ŠafrataClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101487passing "offline-allowed" property to fx:deploy ant task not possibleIgor NekrestyanovClosed
P3BugJDK-8110741Effect, with Z-order enabled, breaks on Group with 3D transformed children.Jim GrahamClosed
P3BugJDK-8112571MacOS/Prism, java.lang.RuntimeException: Error creating framebuffer object with size 0x0 (status code is 0x8cd6)Morris MeyerClosed
P3BugJDK-8112976Mac: Assertion failed: ([NSOpenGLContext currentContext] == [self openGLContext]), function -[GlassView3D begin]Anthony PetrovClosed
P3BugJDK-8113976Native crash from glass on JavaFX application shutdownMorris MeyerClosed
P3BugJDK-8114001ImageView is unable to display a specific BMP imageKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P3BugJDK-8114018Mac: Drag and Drop indicators not shownGerard ZiemskiClosed
P3BugJDK-8114031JavaFX does not start on MacGerard ZiemskiResolved
P3BugJDK-8114376NPE in com.sun.prism.d3d.D3DSwapChain.presentKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P3BugJDK-8114494Videodriver NVIDIA Compatible Windows 2000 Miniport Driver Version 98.08 stopped respondingChien YangClosed
P3BugJDK-8114576Another D3DSwapChain NPEKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P3BugJDK-8114954Ensemble -- Tree View demo prints warnings to consoleJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8115001ant clean from top level fails if already cleanKevin RushforthClosed
P3BugJDK-8115110JavaFX Doclet is not copied to the SDKJan ValentaClosed
P3BugJDK-8115169FXCanvas: incorrect main window coordinatesSteve NorthoverClosed
P3BugJDK-8115327CAPS lock does not work in TextField and TextArea on MacAnthony PetrovClosed
P3BugJDK-8115462second copy of SingleInstanceService application does not exit after attaching to main appThomas NgClosed
P3BugJDK-8115487[ScrollEvent] Horizontal scroll events are not receivedAnthony PetrovClosed
P3BugJDK-8115545The number of com.sun.javafx.css.StyleHelper$CacheEntry objects grows over time and leads to OOM in cssDavid GrieveResolved
P3BugJDK-8115693When the user-agent stylesheet is added, the StyleHelper cache needs to be cleared so that new styles can be calculatedDavid GrieveClosed
P3BugJDK-8116106-fx-highlight-text-fill does not work for multi-line text nodeThor JohannessonClosed
P3BugJDK-8116160[ScrollEvent] Events still come with deltaY != 0, when scrolling disabled in OS.Pavel ŠafrataClosed
P3BugJDK-8116468Ensure that Platform.runLater after Toolkit.exit is a no-op on all platformsKevin RushforthClosed
P3BugJDK-8116509CurrentRateTest Fails - EOM is not called and or rate is not equal to 0Brian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8116616FileChooser may return a File that has a path with spurious characters after the extensionAnthony PetrovClosed
P3BugJDK-8116982Packager's MakeAll command is not intuitiveJan ValentaClosed
P3BugJDK-8116997TextField.promptText cannot be set to nullLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8117038ant clean from top level fails to remove the artifacts directoryKevin RushforthClosed
P3BugJDK-8117074HTMLEditor doesn't work in unsigned appletKinsley WongClosed
P3BugJDK-8117192Error message when run on OpenJDK8Kevin RushforthClosed
P3BugJDK-8117460Getting screeching sound when playing FXM file in manual PlayTestAlexander MatveevClosed
P3BugJDK-8117510CLONE - Mac: Drag and Drop indicators not shown part 3/3Gerard ZiemskiResolved
P3BugJDK-8118147-fx-highlight-text-fill does not work for TextField / PasswordFieldThor JohannessonClosed
P3BugJDK-8118332TreeView with showRoot false can be made to disappear irrevocably with left-arrow keyJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8118703BufferOverflowException parsing FLV metadataDavid DehavenClosed
P3BugJDK-8118796Different and incorrect duration obtained for the same media with HTTP versus FILE protocolBrian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8118952Memory leak in ProgressBar and ProgressIndicator in case group.clear() is not calledMick FlemingClosed
P3BugJDK-8118957TreeView: selection issue after adding a new itemJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8118971Problems with ScrollEvent usage in controlsPavel ŠafrataClosed
P3BugJDK-8119050Current time is not updated after EOS and seekBrian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8119095Bound Label text not displayed when a graphic node is set.Leif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8119311JavaFX Runtime installer target directory should be Program Files\Oracle\JavaFX 2.0 RuntimeJennifer ZuoClosed
P3BugJDK-8119500JFXMedia error listener may not catch all error conditionsDavid DehavenClosed
P3BugJDK-8119504End button abnormal behaviour Leif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8119601Clipboard/dragboard: serialization of custom dataformats doesn't work for strings between two fx applications.Pavel ŠafrataClosed
P3BugJDK-8119718Labeled: css "-fx-text-alignment" issueDavid GrieveClosed
P3BugJDK-8119831PieChart: NPE on setLabelVisible(false)Parvathi SomashekarClosed
P3BugJDK-8120225Mac MP3 decoder reports incorrect duration of MP3 sourceBrian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8120294java.lang.InternalError: URL is unexpectedly null in Stylesheet default constructorDavid GrieveClosed
P3BugJDK-8120683Ensemble does not display API docs with JDK 7 doclet and stylesheetDebra MasadaClosed
P3BugJDK-8120813StyleSheet() constructor should not call ClassLoader.getSystemResource()David GrieveClosed
P3BugJDK-8128079javafxpackager should have version resource file and a proper manifestThomas NgClosed
P3BugJDK-8128099TabPane: tab closing issueKinsley WongClosed
P3BugJDK-8128118We need remove TestCooperativeLevel calls from D3D resource allocation codeKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P3BugJDK-8128123NPE on lock screenJim GrahamClosed
P3BugJDK-8128261packager: add support for unnamed argumentsJan ValentaClosed
P3BugJDK-8128262Media initialization problemDavid DehavenClosed
P3BugJDK-8128340ParallelTransition fails to work with child animations that have indefinite cycle countMichael HeinrichsClosed
P3BugJDK-8128365TextField/TextArea, on input method composing text, the cursor doesn't move when pressing arrow keys.Leif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8128412ImageView javadoc formatting is incorrectPavel ŠafrataClosed
P3BugJDK-8128429Region: background position doesn `t work properlyJoe AndresenClosed
P3BugJDK-8128470renderToImage breaks renderingKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P3BugJDK-8128503BLOB signing via <fx:signjar> ant task doesn't grant elevated privilegesNam NguyenClosed
P3BugJDK-8128529CurrentTimePropertyEndOfMediaTest fails when setStartTime(...) and setStopTime(...) is called.Brian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8128554Page_UP/Page_Down scroll text in TextArea but don't move its caretLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8128575HTMLEditor: The toolbars and webview should setHgrow() to ALWAYS.Kinsley WongClosed
P3BugJDK-8128579Native Clipboard/Dragboard: passing Image to native application doesn't workAnthony PetrovClosed
P3BugJDK-8128583PGText getSelectionShape() is not consistently updated correctlyThor JohannessonClosed
P3BugJDK-8128589Duration API does not respect unitsRichard BairClosed
P3BugJDK-8128601MemoryLeak in StyleManager: StylesheetContainers are not removed from containerMapDavid GrieveClosed
P3BugJDK-8128649Use JDK7 doclet for javadoc pages generationJan ValentaClosed
P3BugJDK-8128650MenuButton: PopupSide(Side.TOP) works incorrectlyLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8128659Mac mp3 decoder plays some files back at the wrong rateBrian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8128671D3DPipeline.dispose is being called from app thread instead of render threadMorris MeyerClosed
P3BugJDK-8128702TextField consumes Enter keys, so Default buttons don't get them.Leif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8128710Quitting Mac Glass application throws exceptions (ES2, J2D) and crashes Java (J2D)Morris MeyerResolved
P3BugJDK-8128714exception due to incompatibility between X11 GlassApplication.c and View.javaAnthony PetrovResolved
P3BugJDK-8128719Dragboard/Clipboard distorts imageMorris MeyerClosed
P3BugJDK-8128745Text controls need to handle null strings gracefullyRichard BairClosed
P3BugJDK-8128754Media player state transitions Stalled -> Paused and Stopped -> Paused may not work properlyAlexander MatveevClosed
P3BugJDK-8128796Memory leak in com.sun.javafx.css.StyleHelper introduced by "RT-16630: setStyle with lookup values is fixed in runtime"David GrieveResolved
P3BugJDK-8128797Player current time when stop time is set beyond media duration is greater than allowed tolerance Brian BurkhalterClosed
P3BugJDK-8128799In some situations, up and down arrow button cannot move cursor inside TextArea correctlyLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8128807Unexpected text style changeKinsley WongResolved
P3BugJDK-8128811HTMLEditor setHtmlText() works incorrectlyKinsley WongClosed
P3BugJDK-8128860Controls should use ScrollEvent instead of MouseWheelRotatedMick FlemingClosed
P3BugJDK-8128919FLV Metadata parser sometimes causes a NPEDavid DehavenClosed
P3BugJDK-8128937Mac: HelloFullscreenToggle window is not restoredAnthony PetrovClosed
P3BugJDK-8128944NPE when loading webpages that use large textures when renderingVasiliy BaranovClosed
P3BugJDK-8129058Textures leak when window is resizedKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P4EnhancementJDK-8100617Optimize getDependencies() in Bindings classMichael HeinrichsResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8100678Remove prism-es1 projectChien YangResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8100805It would be nice to give user message to recommend updating graphics driversChien YangResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8100841Quantum has classes that need to be deprecatedMorris MeyerClosed
P4EnhancementJDK-8100926null3d pipeline gets ClassCastException when effects are turned onJennifer GodinezClosed
P4EnhancementJDK-8100999Need ability to handle webview link clicksPeter ZhelezniakovResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8101059Include raw metadata in Media metadata mapDavid DehavenClosed
P4TaskJDK-8103964Make project ICU readyAlexey UtkinClosed
P4TaskJDK-8104219javafx.scene.web.WebEngine.LoadWorker should not implement LoadListenerClientVasiliy BaranovClosed
P4Sub-taskJDK-8104476javafx-runtime resource href should point to JNLP installer, not native installerIgor NekrestyanovResolved
P4BugJDK-8113108MenuBar: expanded menu is not collapsed on mouse clickLeif SamuelssonClosed
P4BugJDK-8113499No way to load bold or italic fontsPhilip RaceResolved
P4BugJDK-8113678AudioClip doesn`t play short (mp3) audio filesBrian BurkhalterClosed
P4BugJDK-8114013Slider / ScrollBar : click-to-mouse inconsistent behaviour.Parvathi SomashekarResolved
P4BugJDK-8114243Sub menu within MenuButton behaves incorrectlyLeif SamuelssonClosed
P4BugJDK-8114304Quantum toolkit does not call Pipeline.dispose on exitMorris MeyerResolved
P4BugJDK-8114327Unable to use short cut key (tab) to navigate to the next field. Mick FlemingResolved
P4BugJDK-8114424CSS is not applied when renderToImage is invoked.Kirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P4BugJDK-8114579Mac Glass: junit test failsAnthony PetrovResolved
P4BugJDK-8114667renderToImage doesn't layout nodes in sceneKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P4BugJDK-8114711Calculator demo leaves java process running (Mac)Chien YangClosed
P4Sub-taskJDK-8114768ContextMenu javadoc is obsoleteParvathi SomashekarClosed
P4Sub-taskJDK-8114769RadioMenuItem javadoc has unfinished code sampleParvathi SomashekarClosed
P4BugJDK-8114927should not hard code version string in javafxpackager makefile and manifestThomas NgResolved
P4BugJDK-8114968Strange code example for QuadCurvePavel ŠafrataClosed
P4BugJDK-8115237[Slider] Major tick unit property make no effect when changed.Parvathi SomashekarClosed
P4BugJDK-8115274Adding Tab to TabPane does not work if Tab is added in Platform.runlater()Kinsley WongResolved
P4BugJDK-8115444Build 45 throws NullPointerException when loading applet/webstart containing deprecated CSS style (linear gradient)David GrieveResolved
P4BugJDK-8115598TextArea: No scroll bar appeared and NullPointerException happenedLeif SamuelssonClosed
P4BugJDK-8115887Setting ChoiceBox selection after calling setItems() throws IOOB exceptionParvathi SomashekarClosed
P4BugJDK-8115973A broken link in the staged 2.0.2 Release Notes for Mac OS XJoni GordonClosed
P4BugJDK-8116002Clicking on empty space on a line should move caret right behind the last character on the lineLeif SamuelssonClosed
P4BugJDK-8116220Text does not clear selection on Text.setText(...)Thor JohannessonClosed
P4BugJDK-8116225ScrollView policy changes not effected immediatelyMick FlemingClosed
P4BugJDK-8116228[ListView] Double scrollingJonathan GilesResolved
P4BugJDK-8116606DRT cannot dump framesetsPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P4BugJDK-8116617ant clean doesn't clean everything in deploy repoKevin RushforthResolved
P4BugJDK-8116661Prompt text should default to empty string in TextFieldRichard BairClosed
P4BugJDK-8116927DRT might dump xmlns attribute improperlyVasiliy BaranovClosed
P4BugJDK-8116955SplitPane not drag dividerKinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8117425Ensemble - HTML editor writes warning about deprecated syntax in logKinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8117479Timeline API is misleading: KeyValue accepts WritableValue<T> but Timeline requires WritableObjectValueMichael HeinrichsClosed
P4BugJDK-8117581JavaDoc: property does not document default valueDavid GrieveClosed
P4BugJDK-8117589HTMLEditor: Ctrl Tab inserts an extra tab in the textKinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8118578Trailing spaces in import statements cause the import to failGreg BrownClosed
P4BugJDK-8118608User text selection leads to IllegalArgumentExceptionLeif SamuelssonClosed
P4BugJDK-8119003Image Viewport and mouse events.Pavel ŠafrataClosed
P4BugJDK-8119109Mac: When a window first shows up it shows black content, resulting in unpleasant visual flashAnthony PetrovClosed
P4BugJDK-8119191ScrollBar: There is movement of content that fit in scrollpane.Mick FlemingClosed
P4BugJDK-8119268TextArea: PrefColumnCount/PrefRowCount are ignored Leif SamuelssonClosed
P4BugJDK-8119273Missing -fx-text-fill property in .choice-box selector in caspian.cssParvathi SomashekarClosed
P4BugJDK-8119276SplitPane javadoc's code sample has errorsKinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8119338HTMLEditor: initial font size is set to "small"Kinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8119543GA-Ensemble HTML Editor disabledKinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8119588Css reference guide page close html characterDavid GrieveClosed
P4BugJDK-8119638On Mac Meta+<letter> calls my handler with KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED but I miss KEY_RELEASEDAnthony PetrovClosed
P4BugJDK-8119662SplitPane: out of bounds divider position issueKinsley WongClosed
P4BugJDK-8119839Can't set preffered height via TextArea.setPrefRowCount()Leif SamuelssonResolved
P4BugJDK-8119943HTMLEditor: line gap is not restored after changing heading typeKinsley WongClosed
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