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P1BugJDK-8116435SDK installer fails to install anything for latest 2.1 buildThomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8117816Deployment jars left behind, when UnregisterDeploy failsThomas NgClosed
P1BugJDK-8117916JavaFX programs fail to load due to missing Decora classesJim GrahamClosed
P1BugJDK-8118816prism-sg unit tests fail to compile after change to signature of render methodKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P1BugJDK-8127833[Linux] scene coordinates are defined incorrectly.Martin SládečekClosed
P1BugJDK-8127990Ensemble: API docs not accessed properly Debra MasadaClosed
P1BugJDK-8128137KeyCodes are all UNDEFINED on mac?Kevin RushforthClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8100561JavaFX Mac OS X support for JDK7Kevin RushforthClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8100620The demise of JOGLChien YangClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8100664LCD TextThor JohannessonClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101214Support LCD subpixel textThor JohannessonResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8101330QuantumToolkit can schedule the pulse better to improve performanceMorris MeyerClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101361Runtime installer must support "repair mode" for when same version already installedWilliam HarnoisClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101476Split runtime repository into rt and rt-closed repositoriesKevin RushforthClosed
P2EnhancementJDK-8101516SplitPane divider should support an absolute positionKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8113824DRT freezes on random test on particular configurationPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8114019Mac: closing javafx application with window button takes a while to end java processGerard ZiemskiClosed
P2BugJDK-8114940Need to port the fix of RT-17752 to 2.1Yulia NovozhilovaClosed
P2BugJDK-8114964D3D Device is being create from a thread different form the thread that uses it.Morris MeyerClosed
P2BugJDK-8115003ComboBox width is no longer accurate after changes in RT-19860Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8115061nls: MSG_Help message wrongly formatted in packagerJan ValentaClosed
P2BugJDK-8115117HelloEffects fails on MacKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P2BugJDK-8115230DesignerTool Assertion failure in -[NSEvent userData]Gerard ZiemskiClosed
P2BugJDK-8115455Accordion with setFocusTraversable(false) and animated(false) is drawn incorrectlyKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8115466Canvas.bezierCurveTo is broken in FX 2.1 b05Sergey MalenkovClosed
P2BugJDK-8115490BrickBreaker.html in Chrome says "To view the content on thie page, please click here to install Java" and doesn't work"Igor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8115500Selecting a word within a text rendered in a TextArea might wipe out the TextArea's contentThor JohannessonClosed
P2BugJDK-8115664HelloRenderToImage, on Linux using es2 pipe, fails to render with X Window System error Chien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8115676Mac: applications sometime crash on exitGerard ZiemskiClosed
P2BugJDK-8115931No Java control panel of the exisiting jre displayed under windows control panel after uninstall fx 2.1Thomas NgClosed
P2BugJDK-8116226Mac: applications frequently hang after closing themGerard ZiemskiResolved
P2BugJDK-8116320update fx runtime installer to use bin\plugin2 directory instead of bin\new_plugin directoryThomas NgClosed
P2BugJDK-8116547TabPane: NullPointerExceptionKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8116548JavaFX applications fail to start randomly in NetBeans 7.1Jennifer GodinezResolved
P2BugJDK-8116573Update minimum required version for apps created using SDK 2.1Igor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8116598MacView instances aren't garbage collected due to existing references from ES2/PrismChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8116663JFXPanel startup hangs on MacArtem AnanievClosed
P2BugJDK-8116868Window doesn't painted on laptop with 3 monitorsKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P2BugJDK-8117001[TextArea] Doesn't receive focus, when is clicked for appletLeif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8117091"all-permissions" required for the execution of javafx.concurrent.Service#reset() in embedded / webstart modeRichard BairClosed
P2BugJDK-8117118Build files in openjfx/2.1/master have the wrong copyrightKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8117451TextField: memory leakLeif SamuelssonResolved
P2BugJDK-8117475Ensemble/Media demo doesn't work on LinuxBrian BurkhalterClosed
P2BugJDK-8117627ComboBox selection model should be a SingleSelectionModel, not SelectionModelJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8117730Image is overlapping the Button TextKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8117859need to repair/remove a broken non-uninstallable FX RuntimeWilliam HarnoisClosed
P2BugJDK-8117934Version string in javadoc should be updated to JavaFX 2.1 (still says 2.0)Jan ValentaClosed
P2BugJDK-8118051ES2: Texture.update() calculates source rect incorrectlyKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P2BugJDK-8118270All em font sizes applied to controls cause double effectDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8118317Shape styleableProperty for Stroke doesn't contain Shape properties nameDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8118617Calling WebEngine.removeJavaScriptBinding with null causes JVM crashPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-81189482.1 SDK installer incorrectly installs into "JavaFX 2.1.0 SDK" rather than "JavaFX 2.1 SDK"Jennifer ZuoClosed
P2BugJDK-8119432Popups aren't drawn in the right place in applet mode if the browser window is movedArtem AnanievClosed
P2BugJDK-8119443Text disappears when scrolling / highlighting a TextAreaLeif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8119689TitledPane animation doesn't work since b15Kinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8119699The default alignment of graphics in buttons changed in build 2.1b10David GrieveResolved
P2BugJDK-8119745Critical performance problem on multiple choice boxes in single layout containerRichard BairClosed
P2BugJDK-8119937Media: Native libraries on Mac OS X need to have .dylib extensionBrian BurkhalterClosed
P2BugJDK-8120072NPE in HelloHTMLEditorMick FlemingClosed
P2BugJDK-8120193HelloRenderToImage renders nothing under ES2Chien YangResolved
P2BugJDK-8120245-fx-font is not inheritedDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8120296Gtk: Stage.getY() works incorrectly for LinuxMartin SládečekResolved
P2BugJDK-8120391Prism: Native libraries on Mac OS X need to have .dylib extensionKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-812043427% (10 fps) regression in Controls.TreeView-Keyboard benchmark in controls-scrum build around #56Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8120537TabPane is not updated correctly when Tabs are re-ordered dynamicallyKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8120542Regression: -fx-alignment property was lost from ToolBar in mergeDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8120641ComboBox is not editable anymoreJonathan GilesResolved
P2BugJDK-8120716The text captions for the Ensemble thumbnails are clippedDebra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8127002ComboBox crashes JVM on OS XGerard ZiemskiResolved
P2BugJDK-8127008FXML-LoginDemo username textbox text does not display while typingLeif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8127013Regression: DRT doesn't work on MacOSPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8127016SplitPane dividers positioning issueKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8127044FXML-LoginDemo: update button no longer produces succeded messageDebra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8127070WebView context menu appears irregularlyParvathi SomashekarClosed
P2BugJDK-8127078ComboBox prevents to choose the same item twiceJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8127094SplitPane dividers issuesKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8127110Restore workaround to call System.exit on Mac when running the J2D pipelineKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8127139print all D3D-failure-diag messages (except about driver) only if prism.verboseKirill.PrazdnikovClosed
P2BugJDK-8127150Glass: Native libraries on Mac OS X need to have .dylib extensionArtem AnanievClosed
P2BugJDK-8127199Unable to launch jnlp app deployed with (WinXPsp3)Thomas NgClosed
P2BugJDK-8127205Return key in a TextField makes the first menu item within the menu bar openParvathi SomashekarClosed
P2BugJDK-8127215Native libraries on Mac OS X need to have .dylib extensionKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8127225TextArea regression: clicking misses the target when text is scrolled vertically.Leif SamuelssonClosed
P2BugJDK-8127252Linux: webstart app exits on launchEva KrejčířováClosed
P2BugJDK-8127265URL for API doc license needs to be updated to HildebrandtClosed
P2BugJDK-8127337.root from css is not applied to Text David GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8127338x64 Vista/ 32-bit fx runtime, browser: Unable to launch a JavaFX web start application from the web page Igor NekrestyanovClosed
P2BugJDK-8127344button changes it's size on mouse hoverDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8127383DRT doesn't work on LinuxVasiliy BaranovClosed
P2BugJDK-8127416Remove WebEngine.add/removeJavaScriptBinding()Peter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8127424.titled-pane > .title > .text { -fx-font-size:34px; } does not workDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8127468Mac: JVM crashes while displaying WebView embedded in NetBeans on Mac OS XGerard ZiemskiResolved
P2BugJDK-8127483Mac crashes on exit when run with j2d pipeAnthony PetrovResolved
P2BugJDK-8127493FX runtime 2.1.0 b13 breaks plugin registrationThomas NgClosed
P2BugJDK-8127497Mac: DirectoryChooser crashes on MacGerard ZiemskiClosed
P2BugJDK-8127516TreeView fails to browse file system in HelloTreeView due to incorrect pre-calculations (must calculate on demand)Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8127517Need to update apps to point to SDK "lib" directory rather than toolsDebra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8127534ClassCastException using Scene BuilderDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8127554LCD font smoothing should be turned off on MacThor JohannessonClosed
P2BugJDK-8127557Linux/Mac: libraries should be under lib (and not bin)Kevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8127569Broken link to WebKit modified sources in the THIRDPARTYREADMY fileKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8127576Ensemble: Related Samples in api docs view disappear Debra MasadaClosed
P2BugJDK-8127580JavaScript2Java Bridge: assigning a JS object to a field of Java object produces garbage valuePer BothnerClosed
P2BugJDK-8127598[EditableComboBox] editable comboBox in not editable any more. Text couldn't be typed in.Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8127656NLS: Installer layout issue caused by javafx 2.1 message drop 20Yulia NovozhilovaClosed
P2BugJDK-8127683ES2RenderingContext.begin() doesn't support reentrant callsChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8127688Controls.ListView-Rotate performance dropped up to 0 fps in fx2.1-b08Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8127703Need page to redirect to the JDK API doc licenseKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8127734FX doesn't start in j2d on MacAnthony PetrovClosed
P2BugJDK-8127755Need to move the JavaFX utility jar files from SDK/tools to SDK/lib to match JDK structureKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8127821Crash on use of loaded fontPhilip RaceClosed
P2BugJDK-8127878Non-public class returned from public APIDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8127883HelloModality, on Linux using es2 pipe, exits with X Window System error 'GLXBadDrawable'Chien YangResolved
P2BugJDK-8127951ComboBox: issue with focusedPropertyJonathan GilesResolved
P2BugJDK-8127956[TextColor] regression: b11 black text, b12 grey text.Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8127981Webview: Native libraries on Mac OS X need to have .dylib extensionPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128016NPE in SwingInteropMorris MeyerClosed
P2BugJDK-8128055ant test failure in javafx-ui-commonDavid GrieveClosed
P2BugJDK-8128117Regrssion: Glass is built in debug mode by defaultArtem AnanievClosed
P2BugJDK-8128143TabPane: updating tab listKinsley WongClosed
P2BugJDK-8128180Remove workaround on Mac where we are calling System.exitKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8128256JavaFX Ensemble and Henley Sales Dashboard demo in Firefox crashesHenry JenResolved
P2BugJDK-8128383TextField does not accept @ on german keyboard OS XAnthony PetrovResolved
P2BugJDK-8128437NativeLibLoader fails to load libWebPaneJava.dylib when loading jfxrt.jar via OSGiPeter ZhelezniakovClosed
P2BugJDK-8128453JavaFX apps do not work in FF8Audrey LinResolved
P2BugJDK-8128603Need to reapply RT-17605 in the 2.1 repo after installer changes are done and pushed to 2.1Thomas NgClosed
P2BugJDK-8128613SHIFT-UP does not work as expectedJonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8128691Starting a service without opening the view results in a crashKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8128723TreeView: wrong return of treeView.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem()Jonathan GilesClosed
P2BugJDK-8128815FXML-LoginDemo "login" button does not workKevin RushforthClosed
P2BugJDK-8128994nls: Japanese SDK installer, JRE missing dialog is garbled.Yulia NovozhilovaClosed
P3Sub-taskJDK-8097717remove duplicate JavaScript-to-Java conversion pathPer BothnerClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8098888Startup time improvement for prism joglChien YangResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8099012New Menu API should support concept of a single appwide menubar, and work properly on MacLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8099252Support Prism ES2 pipeline on Linux for selected GPUsChien YangClosed
P3Sub-taskJDK-8100005Create new higher level API for menus to be used by controls and ToolkitLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100569Add menu/menubar/menuitem related methods to Toolkit interface & implement them in QuantumToolkit for App wide menubarMorris MeyerClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100593Retire the docs and glass repositories from 2.1 forestHang VoClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100595ContextMenu always uses MouseReleaseSteve NorthoverClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100636Upgrade Apache Ant to 1.8+Kevin RushforthClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100637Add StackedBarChart Parvathi SomashekarClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100645Add the way to distinguish physical and logical KEY_PRESSED eventsAnthony PetrovClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100647TableColumn preferred widths should be dynamically determined if not setJonathan GilesClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100655Add StackedAreaChartParvathi SomashekarClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100662Move all files from the glass repo to a glass subdirectory of the rt-closed repoKevin RushforthClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100667Implement simple GL binding layer to support prism-es2 pipeChien YangClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100776Support press-drag-release gestures involving target nodesPavel ŠafrataClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100859Mac: Stage.setTitle has no effect on Mac application nameGerard ZiemskiResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8100864Quantum threadingMorris MeyerClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100884Move all files from the docs repo to top-level (jfx) repoKevin RushforthClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100899Simplify prism-jogl build systemChien YangClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100968Remove MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL_ROTATED eventPavel ŠafrataClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100970Wire up Glass EventLoop API to Quantum/FXKevin RushforthClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8100992FXML: Adding a style-class to a control is quite verboseGreg BrownClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101019WebView and WebViewBuilder should have initial URL propertySergey MalenkovClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101045Provide SDK and Runtime as ZIP-DownloadsNicolas LorainResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8101095Enable LCD Text Support for MacThor JohannessonClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101105Remove unnecessary reference to prism-jogl jars in a number of decora and prism projects Chien YangClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101165Insufficient caching of pref size in TextAreaSkin causes poor performanceLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101170Need a way to set minimum and maximum size of a windowKevin RushforthClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101174Need a property to bypass HW/driver pre-qualification and blacklist filter for developer use.Chien YangClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101240Implement Linux system font lookup using libfontconfigPhilip RaceClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101274Add bidirectional bindings with conversionMichael HeinrichsClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101283Add the ability to set Stylesheets on a container instanceDavid GrieveClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101292Need a way to set the minimum size of a windowPavel ŠafrataClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101298JavaScript to Java method calls in Web component [# 752342]Peter ZhelezniakovClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101371TextField/PasswordField/TextArea: Popup menu does not show up on right mouse click or Shift+F10Leif SamuelssonClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101372Need to implement a pre-qualification and blacklist system for qualifying HW/driver to use prism-es2 pipeChien YangClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101381Make FXML Controller instantiation customisableGreg BrownClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101385ComboBox controlJonathan GilesClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101413ColorfulShapes.Blur30Circle: 7% (~1fps) performance drop in b14 versus b13 in prism-hwMorris MeyerClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101415TableColumn to have Labled functionalityJonathan GilesResolved
P3EnhancementJDK-8101435Integrate ObservableList into Binding APIMichael HeinrichsClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101459Make FXML properties case-insensitiveGreg BrownClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101526FileChooser does not allow choosing directoriesĽubomír NerádClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8101528Problems creating scene graph with BuildersRichard BairResolved
P3Sub-taskJDK-8101711Gtk: Add support for owner window, initial directory and title to folder chooserĽubomír NerádClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8102050Handle transformation, fill and stroke in Shape.intersect, Shape.subtract and Shape.unionĽubomír NerádClosed
P3EnhancementJDK-8102589Update embedded Launcher to not use standalone JavaFX for cobundleKevin RushforthResolved
P3TaskJDK-8104075Enable building UI Controls against jfxrt.jar file onlyJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8111412On Mac lighting ignores PointLight settingJim GrahamClosed
P3BugJDK-8111503Clicking on a Menu or MenuButton when it is showing causes the popup to reappearLeif SamuelssonClosed
P3BugJDK-8112222FloodGame appears (rendering) broken on Mac using the default Prism pipeJim GrahamClosed
P3BugJDK-8112828GUIMark2.Vector WebNode test paints nothing in sw(j2d) modeMorris MeyerResolved
P3BugJDK-8112838Mac: VideoCube rendered on inside faces rather than externalChien YangClosed
P3BugJDK-8112859Mac: Scene with perspectiveCamera rendered inverted in the Y axis and with some incorrect dirty region computation Kevin RushforthClosed
P3BugJDK-8112938NullPointerException during stage resizeJoe AndresenResolved
P3BugJDK-8113141javafx.scene.control.TableView: scene content should not disappear when mouse moved over column headerTomáš BrandalíkResolved
P3BugJDK-8113195OpenGL : We need proper Z-Buffer managment for transparent and off-screen rendering Chien YangClosed
P3BugJDK-8113227LCD Text shader graphics transform problems.Thor JohannessonClosed
P3BugJDK-8113443BaseShaderGraphics.drawString should not use LCD text when there's a gradient paintThor JohannessonClosed
P3BugJDK-8113539LCD Text appears not to be gamma adjustedPhilip RaceClosed
P3BugJDK-8113818LCD Text blends incorrectly to background on Intel HDJoe AndresenResolved
P3BugJDK-8113852Prism/ES2: RuntimeException: Error creating fragment shader for LCD text on WindowsJoe AndresenClosed
P3BugJDK-8113882GridPane is not resized when the Label inside it is resizedKinsley WongClosed
P3BugJDK-8113895TableView does not allow selection in empty cells, even in row-selection modeJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8113970JavaFX applications consistently hang on Aurelio's machineJoe AndresenResolved
P3BugJDK-8114002[TableView] Shift-Up does not work as expectedJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8114007[TableView] Shift-Down does not work as expectedJonathan GilesClosed
P3BugJDK-8114018Mac: Drag and Drop indicators not shownGerard ZiemskiClosed
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