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P1BugJDK-8105704Win: JavaFX 1.1 b01: Many Samples have InvocationTargetException when they are run in NetBeans Dmitri TrembovetskiClosed
P1BugJDK-8105727REGRESSION:InnerShadow appears displaced when applied to a NodeJim GrahamResolved
P1BugJDK-8105740REGRESSION : Decreasing the topOffset value of the javafx.scene.effect.Reflection of the image, hides the original image itselfJim GrahamResolved
P1BugJDK-8105772Error instantiating com.sun.scenario.effect.impl.hw.d3d.D3DRendererDmitri TrembovetskiResolved
P1BugJDK-8105782javafxgui contains a comparison between two unrelated typesKevin RushforthResolved
P1BugJDK-8105799JavaFX 1.0 API is displayed in bundleJim HolmlundResolved
P1BugJDK-8105870MediaPlayer does not report EOM nor complete current time on MACTony WyantClosed
P1BugJDK-8105871Issues with more than 1 JavaFX applet on the same web pageRiaz AimandiResolved
P1BugJDK-8105949Update Licenses for Franca Preview Release ...Craig NewellResolved
P1BugJDK-8105955REGRESSION: Could not play some FLV video using the patch releasePaul CharltonClosed
P1BugJDK-8106043Upcoming compiler change disallows override of public-read vars declared in javafxgui/src/com/sun/javafx/stage/StageDelegate.fxKevin RushforthResolved
P1BugJDK-8106079javafxdoc documentaion has references of JavaFX 1.0 VersionJim HolmlundResolved
P1BugJDK-8106125webstart/applet deployment on server side need to support new fxdloader.jar for FrancaCraig NewellResolved
P1BugJDK-8106129Applet is not loading with Liveconnect - MarinacciResolved
P1BugJDK-8106374Javafx Registration broken on MAC OS and Vista UltimateCraig NewellResolved
P1BugJDK-8106433dtfx.js should not automatically redirect the user to the install pageJim CampanellResolved
P1BugJDK-8106438dtfx.js doesn't always detect Java 6u11 + FF3 on WinXP-SP3 and it forces you into an endless upgrade loopJim CampanellResolved
P1BugJDK-8106470JMC 1.0.1 windows natives jar missing on2 decoder dllTony WyantClosed
P1BugJDK-8106498Impossible to view a page with JavaFX applet on an iPhone due to constant attemtps to redirect to java.comJim CampanellResolved
P1BugJDK-8106501stylesheet css with number arguments fails with a conversion exceptionRichard BairClosed
P1BugJDK-8106534webstart/applet deployment need to support new fxdloader.jar for FrancaRiaz AimandiResolved
P1BugJDK-8106552In MediaView OnEndOfMedia fails to get calledTony WyantClosed
P1BugJDK-8107023javafx applet downloads 6u11 instead of 6u12 for francaCraig NewellResolved
P1BugJDK-8107309Unable to load resource: SotonaResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8099019Media Support for Linux and SolarisKirill KirichenkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8104615Graphics with Effects disappears after a screen lock and return to screen this is happening only when D3D is enabledDmitri TrembovetskiResolved
P2BugJDK-8105609Mobile: Node.blocksMouse does not workArtem IljinClosed
P2BugJDK-8105633Typo in GUI Tutorial Chapter 1 Alla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8105657REGRESSION: DropShadow Effect is not showing properly when it's offset's are changed. Jim GrahamResolved
P2BugJDK-8105688Download 6u12 in place of 6u11 when javafx is getting downloadedCraig NewellResolved
P2BugJDK-8105689GUI Tutorial, Lesson 3: need to provide an URL of dukewave.png imageDmitry BondarenkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8105713Switching focus using mouse between 2 textBoxes causes an NPENaoto SatoResolved
P2BugJDK-8105724create jfxiu (JavaFX initial use) event for franca pingsThomas NgResolved
P2BugJDK-8105742javafx.scene.effect.DropShadow radiusJim GrahamResolved
P2BugJDK-8105787Mobile: boundsInXXX do not give correct valueArtem IljinClosed
P2BugJDK-8105899Fix for RT-1936 works only in standalone mode and does not work on BrowserChristopher CampbellClosed
P2BugJDK-8105917Full-screen in-applet still needs to come back into the browser after fullscreen made true, then falseMorris MeyerResolved
P2BugJDK-8105918Sharing an effect among multiple nodes causes memory leakKevin RushforthResolved
P2BugJDK-8105997Typo in GUI Tutorial Chapter 5Alla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106002In JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 4, there are broken links: JavaFX Script API and Learning the JavaFX Script Programming Language. UnassignedClosed
P2BugJDK-8106004Decora-JOGL is not enabled on Mac OS XChristopher CampbellResolved
P2BugJDK-8106029REG: FullScreen Stage created with visible set to false is shownMorris MeyerClosed
P2BugJDK-8106050Second applet on page never loadsRiaz AimandiResolved
P2BugJDK-8106062Regression: Decorations shown for a fullscreen StageMorris MeyerResolved
P2BugJDK-8106066CutePlayer2 full screen that worked for 1.0.1 doesn't work for Franca.Morris MeyerResolved
P2BugJDK-8106210Mobile: A node initialized with opacity < 1 is opaqueArtem IljinClosed
P2BugJDK-8106225[JDK 1.5] Font.font(null, FontWeight.BOLD, FontPosture.ITALIC, 28) throws NPE: java.util.Hashtable.putIgor KushnirskiyResolved
P2BugJDK-8106228Typo in GUI Tutorial Chapter 7Alla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106242JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 1 colors.fx got compilation errorsAlla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106275JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 1 line.fx got compilation errorsAlla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106315Default duration setting for SequentialTransition and resulting wrong order of executionChien YangClosed
P2BugJDK-8106316REGRESSION: Mac OS X- 10.4.11 PowerPC G5 - *-natives-macosx-ppc.jar YatsenkoResolved
P2BugJDK-8106330JNLP JREDesc in Component ignored ...Nikolay YatsenkoResolved
P2BugJDK-8106343JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 1 shapes.fx got compilation errors Alla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106363JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 1 fill.fx got compilation errorsAlla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106371JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 1 effects.fx got compilation errorsAlla RedkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8106463Compiling and running a simple test using FX SDK 1.1 throws some debug messageMorris MeyerResolved
P2BugJDK-8106550Graphics.fx in Lesson 8 got compilation errorsDmitry BondarenkoClosed
P2BugJDK-8107393'fullscreen' should be documentedMorris MeyerClosed
P3Sub-taskJDK-8100247Remove inefficiencies from ImageLoaderChristopher CampbellResolved
P3BugJDK-8104603need to support full screen exclusive mode and display mode changesMorris MeyerResolved
P3BugJDK-8105250Improve effects performance on Mac OS XChristopher CampbellResolved
P3BugJDK-8105649Image clearing is slow on Mac OS X with JDK 5Christopher CampbellResolved
P3BugJDK-8105671Mobile: ImageView do not rotate about its centerArtem IljinClosed
P3BugJDK-8105693GUI Tutorial, Lesson 4: section "Setting the Scene" is incompleteDmitry BondarenkoClosed
P3BugJDK-8105711NPE in SGGroup.render()Brent ChristianResolved
P3BugJDK-8105816Node.disabled - incorrect descriptionKevin RushforthClosed
P3BugJDK-8105951Api docs broken links and missing imagesKevin RushforthResolved
P3BugJDK-8105966In JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 1, there is a broken link: API documentation. Alla RedkoClosed
P3BugJDK-8106094Fraca b01 SDK Setup Wizard still uses version string "JavaFX 1.0"Craig NewellResolved
P3BugJDK-8106110javafxc Man page : The option -g:{class,none} specified in the man page is invalidGail ChappellResolved
P3BugJDK-8106142COPYRIGHT year is 2008 instead of 2009Craig NewellResolved
P3BugJDK-8106144Typo in Node.toFront documentationKevin RushforthResolved
P3BugJDK-8106145Hand tune the Java and SSE based Shadow filter implementationsJim GrahamResolved
P3BugJDK-8106152In JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 7, there is a broken link: Learning the JavaFX Script Programming LanguageAlla RedkoClosed
P3BugJDK-8106293Mobile: Invisible arc responds to Key EventsArtem IljinClosed
P3BugJDK-8106295Dragging a translucent window is annoyingly jumpySaul WoldResolved
P3BugJDK-8106299In JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 8, there is a typo: stylus Dmitry BondarenkoClosed
P3BugJDK-8106300Mobile: Changing opacity doesn't have any effect on the CircleArtem IljinClosed
P3BugJDK-8106326In JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 8, there are broken links: JavaFX Script API and Learning the JavaFX Script Programming Language. UnassignedClosed
P3BugJDK-8106417Memory leak when changing Stage.scene.content for large numbers of objectsEthan NicholasResolved
P3BugJDK-8106475Choices for "Change" option for javafx in Add remove programsCraig NewellResolved
P3BugJDK-8106483Hand tune the Java and SSE based GaussianBlur filter implementationsJim GrahamResolved
P3BugJDK-8106584Mobile: blocksMouse do not work correctly when the node is within a groupArtem IljinClosed
P3Sub-taskJDK-8106606Broken link in API doc javafx.scene.control/javafx.scene.control.Control.htmlKevin RushforthResolved
P3Sub-taskJDK-8106607Broken link in API doc javafx.scene.layout/javafx.scene.layout.Container.htmlKevin RushforthResolved
P3Sub-taskJDK-8106608Broken link in API doc javafx.scene.shape/javafx.scene.shape.Path.htmlKevin RushforthResolved
P3Sub-taskJDK-8106609Nodes with cache: true turn black when dragged across screens in a multi-monitor environmentDmitri TrembovetskiClosed
P3BugJDK-8107204Setting resizable attribute to false for stage, still allows to resize the Stage programmaticallyKevin RushforthResolved
P3BugJDK-8107305javafx sdk 1.1 (b05) installs jdk 6u11 instead of 6u12Craig NewellResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8098901skip rendering for shapes with transparent fill/draw colorDmitri TrembovetskiResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8098910Decora.jnlp should not use https for homepageRiaz AimandiResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8098959don't use AA for screen-aligned rectangles on integer coordinatesDmitri TrembovetskiResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8099549don't use soft clipping for screen-aligned clip rectangles even for non-integer coordinatesDmitri TrembovetskiResolved
P4BugJDK-8105612MOBILE : Animated GIF Image is not rendered on the emulatorJan SterbaClosed
P4BugJDK-8105624javafxc Man page : Some options available in help are missing in the man page Gail ChappellResolved
P4BugJDK-8105703Reduce download size by removing BoxBlur and ZoomRadialBlur from Decora buildsChristopher CampbellResolved
P4BugJDK-8105745javafxc Man page : Description for -platform <platform> option is missing in the man pageGail ChappellResolved
P4BugJDK-8105795GUI Tutorial, Lesson 3: wrong reference to a FigureDmitry BondarenkoClosed
P4BugJDK-8105807FXEvaluator and StringLocalizer in javafx.util package shall belong to desktop profileSaul WoldClosed
P4BugJDK-8105813APPMODEL : TEST MultiStageTest.html and MultiStage.jnlp tests failRiaz AimandiClosed
P4BugJDK-8105829javafxc Man page : Option specified in the man page does not match with the option available in helpGail ChappellResolved
P4BugJDK-8105844Bad layout in installer dialog IICraig NewellResolved
P4BugJDK-8105856Bad layout in installer dialogCraig NewellResolved
P4BugJDK-8105877dtfx needs to be integrated with users java plugin preferencesJim CampanellClosed
P4BugJDK-8105884broken links in Using Declarative Syntax gui tutorialDmitry BondarenkoResolved
P4BugJDK-8106003Correction in document "Installing javafx sdk 1.1"Gail ChappellClosed
P4BugJDK-8106030When a mobile device is rotated, the Stage size is updated but system properties are notArtem IljinClosed
P4BugJDK-8106056Mobile: Mouse Events triggered incorrectly for PathArtem IljinClosed
P4BugJDK-8106100javafx_production_suite-1_1-macosx-universal.dmg still has JavaFX1.0 in the Readme.htmlNancy HildebrandtResolved
P4BugJDK-8106111Mobile supports only JPEG and PNG images. This has to be documented.Sergey MasharskyClosed
P4BugJDK-8106169GUI Tutorial, Lesson 3: missing import statement in codeDmitry BondarenkoClosed
P4BugJDK-8106215GUI Tutorial, Lesson 3: need a note on javafx.scene.effect usageDmitry BondarenkoClosed
P4BugJDK-8106276Full screen mode does not disapear when visible is set to falseMorris MeyerResolved
P4BugJDK-8106304The fix for RT-2394 breaks the build for me - uses a bad path for vcvars32.batJim GrahamClosed
P4BugJDK-8106318GUI Tutorial, Lesson 7: three typosAlla RedkoClosed
P4BugJDK-8106324Mobile: Image.preserveRatio do not workDmitry KuzminClosed
P4BugJDK-8106334Unable to launch the media demo using latest franca integrated build(#265) and it throws an NoSuchMethodError exception.Vinay ThotaClosed
P4BugJDK-8106379index.html file need a correction Nancy HildebrandtResolved
P4BugJDK-8106423javafxdoc documentation has generic mention regarding the operating systemsGail ChappellResolved
P4BugJDK-8106434Mobile: Stage's style attribute and StageStyle class are relevant only for desktop and not for mobile.Artem IljinClosed
P4BugJDK-8106487 The image in "figure2 : emptry window" is wrong in the tutorialDmitry BondarenkoResolved
P4BugJDK-8106503Mobile: 'opacity' attribute do not work for ImageViewArtem IljinClosed
P4BugJDK-8106558In JavaFX Tutorial Chapter 4, need to add "an" in one sentenceDmitry BondarenkoClosed
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