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P1BugJDK-8158500aarch32: regression test com/sun/jdi/ crashes VMEd NevillResolved
P2BugJDK-8146734[aarch32] SlowSignatureHandler always uses softfloatJoseph JoyceClosed
P2BugJDK-8158386aarch32: jlong value corrupt when returned from method being deoptimizedAndrey PetushkovResolved
P2EnhancementJDK-8167436aarch3264: arm32 & arm64 port of JDK 9Bob VandetteResolved
P3BugJDK-8146193[aarch32] Bad marshalling of single precision floats on calls from Java to CJoseph JoyceClosed
P3BugJDK-8161482aarch32: nativeInstruction atomicity and correctness of patchingAndrey PetushkovResolved
P3BugJDK-8161495aarch32: avoid patching site which is already patchedAndrey PetushkovResolved
P3BugJDK-8170621aarch3264: arm32/64 post Merge updates of ARM sourcesBob VandetteClosed
P4EnhancementJDK-8139303aarch32: add support for ARM aarch32Ed NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8144905aarch32: fails to build due to reliance on autoconf-config.subEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8146094aarch32: exception handling in putfield corrupts dispatch registerEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8146284aarch32: integer shifts not correctly maskedEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8146285aarch32: NegativeArraySizeException not thrown correctlyEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8146308[aarch32] Debug builds failJoseph JoyceClosed
P4BugJDK-8146339aarch32: mov immediate generates incorrect value for some immediate valuesEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8146456aarch32: JVM crashes when run with -Xdebug optionEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8147874aarch32: JVM crashes with SIGILL when using TraceBytecodesEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8148355aarch32: JVM bugfix for failing to running JTreg test 'hotspot/test/compiler/7116216/'Ed NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8149548aarch32: slowdebug build crashes if -XX:+TraceBytecodes flag is usedSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8149559aarch32: crash error output is not informativeSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8149563aarch32: os::current_frame() crashesSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8149646aarch32: EventLogBase::print_log_on() is failed to acquire MutexLockerExSergey NazarkinResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8149654aarch32: Remove code related to aarch64 simulatorSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8150520aarch32: SIGILL when jdwp is enabledEd NevillResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8151180aarch32: cumulative patch for C1 integrationEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8151611aarch32: array copy stub copies wrong data countEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8151774aarch32: longs may be passed in incorrect registerEd NevillResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8152131aarch32: specify which overloaded variant of fmod to useAlex KaskoResolved
P4BugJDK-8152297Macroassmbler:divide has to be able accept the same dividend and divisor Sergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8152304aarch32: fix for compiler/7116216/StackOverflow regresstion test Sergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8152442aarch32: change in ldrd/strd macrosses required for implicit null checkEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8153493aarch32: assembler generates non canonical form for mov imm instructionsEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8153495aarch32: remove redundant "Not tested this message"Ed NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8153496aarch32: rthread corrupted in method handle dispatchEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8153958aarch32: fix of vtable self-patching routineEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8155645aarch32: Turn off critical JNIEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8155826aarch32: java/nio/MappedByteBuffer/ failsEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8160298aarch32: missing HARD_FLOAT_CC conditionalisation in generate_slow_signature_handlerEd NevillResolved
P4BugJDK-8162111Invalid TOS2 value is printed by tracebytecodesSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8162381 ldrd/strd from unaligned address results in low performanceSergey NazarkinResolved
P4EnhancementJDK-8162391Check for DTrace flags only when dtrace enabledSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8162400 ProfileInterpreter crashes vmSergey NazarkinResolved
P4BugJDK-8167027Scala HelloWord crashSergey NazarkinResolved
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